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What no comments to this post???

This post just screams
"Sarcastic Comments Wanted / Desired / Demanded"


I don't get the whole furry subculture, but I'm willing to accept it, considering it's generally not harmful... but, for some reason it bothers me that people don't make their own fursuits.

I think I would respect the whole deal a little more if furries took the time to hand-craft their crazed animal costumes. I'm sure some of them do, but that one above is just a standard costume shop Pepe Le Pew (I'm not sure I'm ever seen that name written down before; I had to look it up to confirm the spelling).

If you're going to have a fetish, fine, get what you can where you can... but if you're going to claim it's a "lifestyle choice" on par with any other, then have some pride in it!

The scary part about this, is that I'm not sure how serious I am about any of that...

Library Cat

I am constantly amazed at the lengths some people need to go to in order to get their freak on. If you need a 50lb. furry suit to get aroused maybe you're not doing something right. And I really don't see how you would do it right in 50lb. furry skunk suit anyway. Please do not tell me that is explained somewhere on the website, cause I'm not looking.

Is this whole thing underwritten by Disney? Do they need new sources of revenue and remembered, "Oh yeah, sex sells"?

"Furry Lifestyle" At some point you just need to say, "Okay I'm nuts." I do not in fact have a "lifestyle"; I have an entry in the DSM-IV.


They just scare me.


Nothing says sexy like wearing a sweaty fuzzy animal skin. I'm getting hot just typing this.


Library Cat - excellent entry, I laughed out loud at DSM-IV comment.
Bob and I must find the documentary that we watched on furries (and the little known subculture of "Plushies") for you guys. I don't even know where to start on what was odd about that show.


The first panel here seems appropriate: http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp08232003.shtml

Dr Alice

I once had a patient who ran a costume store; she told me that Disney does not make costumes in adult sizes for this reason. They don't want to see pix of Mickey getting his freak on with Minnie, if you will.

go suck dick furry haters

Alright- I admit it- when you take furries out of the tv/computer into the real world... it is scarey, retarded, freaky, and turn me the hell off...

but I like furrys on the tv/comptuer. Don't have the tv/comp furrys- they are nice humans ^_^

hate the freaks IRL (no offense)

furries cant get laid without hiding their bodies

god of doom

if you hate furrys then you must hate niggers and the gay comm,/// DAMN win will all this hate go a way >>>
you all need to get a life you're selves and stop all the stupid things you doing
and STOP piking on others
just becuz you dont like the way thy look or talk or their size ( oh just stop being stuped )

henry (one o' the furs)

wow, i love the fact that so many close minded people go to such lengths to downsize and castigate what they themselves dont know. a note to the author..though there are some furries that treat conventions and the fandom just as ways for sex, and though there are several parts to the fandom that are just about sex, that isnt the entire fandom.

i've been in this fandome for a little over a year, and i've found some of the best people ever because of it all over the country.

as for the previous and future viewers of this page: dont start to hate something until you know all of the details about it, until you try something for yourself you will never know if it's good or bad. word of mouth from those who've had bad experiences or are just choosing to be ignorant should know to shut their mouths.

many furs are amazing artists and technological genius'...thats right, next time you go get your computer fixed...it might just be a furry doing it for you.

as for the fur suit sex...its one of those little kinky things like any other: light to heavy bondage, kissing (yes some people think that kissing is a turn on), biting (most of my closest friends are biters, and they arent furries)..and just soo many more.

if you think about it...this is the smallest deviation out there...there are more happening from people without suits on...BDSM, rape, incest, bestiality, etc...

dont start an opinion based on what you barely know. i dont say anything unless i know it by experience, i'll have my children be the same, and i will be proud of them, and anyone else who was the common sense to just do something before saying anything.

kaizer fox

wooow i read all comments and think all need to have an open mind im a furry and i dilinke the ppl with close mind god of doom is rigth you all need know the details of the furry before of "practicaly kill ue" hehehe


Call us what you will, we're gonna keep coming. And calling us freaks is not really effective...we know already tell us something new. If I wasn't a freak, nerd, weirdo or some variation of that I would go crazy in the F'd up world.


Can anyone tell me if they are aware of Furries being connected in some-way to the DSM-IV and if so, under which criterion?

ffxiv gil

Can anyone tell me if they are aware of Furries being connected in some-way to the DSM-IV and if so, under which criterion?

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